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A lock with multiple keys is safe as long as the person with the key is the designated person. The moment the key falls into the wrong hands, it is time to take necessary action. Replacing the locks may seem like a good option at that time and many of our clients who end up misplacing a key choose to go for it. But Metro Locksmith Services believes that there is always the option of rekeying locks and save some money.

When should you get your locks rekeyed?

Lock replacement is for when the lock is completely damaged or the lock is old and you think it will not be able to adequately protect you against modern dangers. But when do you choose to rekey the locks? If you think that the new apartment that you have moved into can still be accessed by a previous occupant, then you can choose to rekey the locks. Rekeying locks can also be done in case you have misplaced a key and fear that it might have fallen into the wrong hands. A locksmith will simply change the combination on the lock and save you from the hassle of expensive lock replacements.

Rekeying locks - a better option?

You must be wondering if rekeying locks is such a good option, then why do we need to replace locks? We can simply rekey the lock every time a key is lost or stolen. Rekeying locks is a good option for when the locks are in top-notch condition. You cannot expect to rekey a damaged lock and expect it to protect you from future damage. It should be carefully considered and the help of a locksmith can also be taken to understand whether you need to rekey locks or replace them.Metro Locksmith Services North Little Rock, AR 501-386-1061

Replacement is inevitable, if:

  • Your lock has been vandalized
  • Your lock is old and rusted
  • The lock is very outdated
  • It bears signs of heavy wear and tear
  • You need enhanced security

Call in the experts in rekeying locks:

We have heard many customers telling about their past experiences where the locksmith simply recommended a lock change without even properly inspecting the lock. They are surprised by our ability to repair a lock and then rekey it to bring it back into trim condition. Unlike other firms in North Little Rock, AR, our aim is to help the customers and not extort money from them by fooling them.

For rekeying locks, immediately after an eviction or after misplacing a key, call us on 501-386-1061